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26 September 2015

The Olympic sprinter with an inner Greek god

Wearing gold track spikes and taking a deep breath, the 200-meter world record holder knelt into position, set his feet in the blocks and carefully placed his hands. Then, just as he had done before coasting to gold and an Olympic record in the 400-meter race three days earlier, he waited for the call and the starting gun’s bang.


18 July 2013

Buccaneers RB/KR Jeff Demps to make NFL decision by mid August

Two-sport athlete Jeff Demps will make a decision on his NFL future by mid August, his agent, Daniel Rose of Gridiron Sports, exclusively tells SB Nation.

The former University of Florida tailback and return man is currently wrapping up the professional track season in Amsterdam, Netherlands. If he qualifies for an early August event in Moscow, Russia, he would miss the start of training camp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, assuming he chooses to attend at all. The Bucs were the first NFL team to open camp, rookies reporting on Wednesday, July 17, with veterans to follow one week later on July 24.


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