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4 November 2015

Josh Johnson, the NFL’s Emergency Man

Less than a full day after watching the Indianapolis Colts win a close game from the sideline—where he waited in uniform, ready to fill in at quarterback should misfortune befall Matt Hasselbeck, who was already filling in for injured starter Andrew Luck—Josh Johnson was cut. For the second time in a week, in fact. Only Johnson didn’t have much time to feel disappointed, not with the Buffalo Bills on the phone the next day, calling before he could even hop a flight back to his hometown of Oakland, California.


12 December 2011

Op-Ed: In death, Fred Thompson’s Oakland dreams live on

Courtesy of Oregon State Athletics

Courtesy of Oregon State Athletics

Fred Thompson was 18 when I met him, and I had never seen a body so large move so fast, and with such agility. He was what makes quarterbacks wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night.

Sunday would have been his 20th birthday.


11 March 2011

Internet radio site Pandora pushes on in digital music age

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As the music business continues to adapt to the iTunes generation, one local company has emerged as an industry leader.

Pandora, the Internet radio service based in Oakland, has struggled financially since its days as a start up in 2000. But a recent development may be a sign that the company is here to stay.


10 December 2010

East Bay fencers part of growing Northern California trend

Although fencing is often thought of as an East Coast sport for the elite, the East Bay Fencers Gym in downtown Oakland is helping to disprove this long-held understanding of this somewhat obscure sport.


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