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17 November 2015

The NFL Pioneers Who Kicked Off Their Cleats

The temperatures in Cleveland had dropped below freezing. Unlike the local children, who were bundled up, one young man dressed only in polyester and wearing a single shoe ran around in the cold. The Browns were ahead and gunning for just their second playoff win in nearly 20 years when Denver’s Rich Karlis stepped onto the field — with a bare right foot and only 5:32 remaining on the clock.


12 October 2009

Denver Donkeys: They’re Real, and They’re Spectacular!

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Throwback Donkies

Despite having to dress like a bunch of clowns, the Denver Broncos assured the nation once again that they are no joke.


5 October 2009

Dallas … It’s Still No Denver

Denver Broncos

Dallas may still be considered “Big D”, but after an impressive 17-10 victory over the Cowboys on Sunday, I would actually have to say that Denver is the only one of the two to still possess it’s ‘D Card.’

In all seriousness, what is it that Kyle Orton – a guy who would seem to be a great backup – is blessed with to allow him to keep winning ballgames? Given the opportunity, I think any and everyone (including yours truly) would choose to have Tony Romo lead their team over Orton, but it turns out that that would likely be a mistake.


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