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24 January 2011

MeloDrama has Denver fans in the dumps

By now, it seems that absolutely everyone has weighed in on the saga that is the eventual trade of Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony. Because of its seemingly ceaseless life, it feels like we’re all watching reruns of “Days of our Lives.”

And while people like Kobe Bryant can boo and hiss about Melo getting booed and hissed at during home games, Nets owner Mikhail Prokorov can complain about the length of time it took to construct and subsequently nearly consummate the deal (twice!), and players potentially involved in the trade—Melo included—can get upset about having their names in the rumors, there is only one real loser in all of this: Denver fans.


14 January 2011

Harlem Globetrotters bring basketball, positive message to Bay Area

The famed Harlem Globetrotters are rolling through Oakland for two games this weekend and will bring all of their trademark basketball skills and antics with them, as well as their distinctive messages of fun, kindness, and inclusion.


13 January 2011

Lakers make selves at home, top Warriors in shootout

The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers faced off in an offensive slugfest on Wednesday night, but despite being ahead most of the game, the home team was unable to secure the lead when it mattered most, eventually succumbing to the more widely popular California team, 115-110.


10 January 2011

Raiders in familiar territory at season’s end despite measured success

The first round of the professional football playoffs kicked off this weekend, and for the eighth consecutive year, the Oakland Raiders were nowhere to be found. In perhaps a symbol of a franchise fallen on hard times, the local Oakland bars lacked any noticeable presence from the generally boisterous fan base as well.


7 January 2011

Jim Harbaugh leaves Stanford, signs on with S.F. 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers officially announced the hiring of highly sought after candidate Jim Harbaugh, formerly of Stanford University, as their new head coach on Friday afternoon.


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