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27 October 2009

Denver-Squared: Outlaws Down Pioneers

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In a game that was probably closer than it should have been, the Denver Outlaws, Colorado’s professional outdoor lacrosse team, squeaked by the University of Denver men’s team, 15-13, in a fall exhibition that both organizations are saying they hope becomes an annual event.


12 October 2009

Denver Donkeys: They’re Real, and They’re Spectacular!

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Throwback Donkies

Despite having to dress like a bunch of clowns, the Denver Broncos assured the nation once again that they are no joke.


6 October 2009

4 Better or 4 Worse, Favre Trade Still Makes Sense


And so, with a relatively thrilling 30-23 defeat of his former team on Monday night, Brett Favre achieved his long desired mission of sticking it to the Packers brass.


5 October 2009

Dallas … It’s Still No Denver

Denver Broncos

Dallas may still be considered “Big D”, but after an impressive 17-10 victory over the Cowboys on Sunday, I would actually have to say that Denver is the only one of the two to still possess it’s ‘D Card.’

In all seriousness, what is it that Kyle Orton – a guy who would seem to be a great backup – is blessed with to allow him to keep winning ballgames? Given the opportunity, I think any and everyone (including yours truly) would choose to have Tony Romo lead their team over Orton, but it turns out that that would likely be a mistake.


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