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25 June 2009

Soccer Never Stood a Chance

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US Soccer

Just a day after arguably the biggest U.S. Soccer victory in history, or at least in modern memory – a totally unanticipated 2-0 upset of No. 1 Spain in the semifinals of the Confederation Cup – one can barely find mention of it on the country’s most influential sports websites.

Soccer never stood a chance.


24 June 2009

This is Not News!

Concerning athletics, it turns out that all too often, the apple does fall far from the tree. This is apparently news to the national media.


4 June 2009

Rocco Lives!


Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of ESPN’s Rick Reilly.

I have nothing against the guy, he’s just not my favorite is all, as in there are several other sports columnists that I would prefer to read. Reilly, who gained national prominence with Sports Illustrated from 1985-2007, is however a pretty good writer, occasionally funny, and most importantly, a Denver resident.


2 June 2009

NBA: One and Dumb


A devil’s advocate would argue that teens are too immature to successfully manage fame, millions of dollars and all of the pitfalls that come with these perceived blessings.

With new information about the University of Memphis’ alleged NCAA violations and point guard Derrick Rose’s (pictured) involvement coming out by the day, the above statement and the NBA rule in place to hopefully help prevent young people from falling into financial and ethical traps is coming under more scrutiny by the hour.


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