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24 October 2008

Denver Insight

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Newly posted to my ‘Archived Online Work’ folder (to the right), I’ve dropped my first column for the new alternative, community newspaper in Denver, Denver Insight.

View the publication’s website at: Denver Insight.

And FYI – I’m eying November for the triumphant return of regular content. Thanks for reading.

13 October 2008

Ridiculous(ly Funny)

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From Reuters, this is how you know that it’s a slow news day in the world of sports:

Chinese ‘celebrity’ Wang to get counseling after reported fight

8 October 2008

Great Story

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I’m still on vacation from the blog, but just wanted to drop a quick link to a great story I just read.

It’s about a former-high school football stud named Willie Williams, how his hopes and dreams all fell to pieces, and where he goes from here.

Williams Career Following Unexpected PathBy Steve Megargee

3 October 2008

On Holiday (Not a Reference to Green Day)

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Hey everybody, I regret to inform you that i will be taking a hopefully brief sabbatical from the blog in order to fulfill the duties of my daily life.

My apologies to all of you fantastic readers, but time has unfortunately scarce in the last few weeks. Once things get back in order, I promise you that I will return.

Until then, thanks for reading, and in the words of General Douglas MacArthur about having to leave the Philippines in 1942, “I shall return.”


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