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20 September 2008

Back In Black!

Angus Young

OK, so maybe I’m not Back In Black or even Angus Young (A guy can dream, can’t he?), but my apologies for posting nothing new in the last week.

Life simply caught up, and I needed a bit of a break. Hey – even real columnists get vacations every once in awhile.

But don’t you worry, I’ll have some new content that’s good and controversial soon, and I should be back to a regular schedule shortly.

In the meantime…


12 September 2008

Nice Guys Finish First


Regardless of if you like the Tony Romo, or even the Dallas Cowboys, you have to admit, you know he’s a good guy.


10 September 2008

Whatever Happened to Sportsmanship?

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In the words of Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novella of the same name, “Hey there, old sport?”

Obviously not quite the application that James Gatz had in mind when using the expression in order to sound educated, but I think it is relatively germane in this particular instance. In older days, there was a level of respect for one’s opponent and sport that I’m not entirely sure has survived, sportsmanship.

Sports-man-ship: To be fair and generous in one’s behavior or treatment or others, especially in a game or contest.

So no quipping headline today, I simply want to ask, “Does Sportsmanship Exist in the 21st Century?”


8 September 2008 Links


My three years of cataloged work with


7 September 2008

Super Bowl Picks

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Just so that I’m on record at the beginning of the season, I’ve made a rare Sunday posting.


2 September 2008

Away On Bidness

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I will be away on business this week, so unfortunately, the blog will not be updated while I’m gone.

But look for new content no later than Monday, Sept. 8, thank you.

1 September 2008

No. 8-5: Fan Dream, League Nightmare

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If all goes as it should, fans will see Ocho Cinco grace No. 85's back once again in 2008. Photo:

Chad Johnson has done it again, but there’s no oops about it.

And the No Fun League (NFL) can’t stand it.

It was reported on Friday, Aug. 29 that the Cincinnati Bengals infamous wide receiver, No. 85 Chad Johnson, has legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco, playing off the nickname he gave himself during the 2006 season.

While this is certain to be a move that fans love – and I don’t blame them – Johnson…er, Ocho Cinco, is making a mockery of the league, and for once, I doubt they can do anything about it.

“It’s something I don’t think anyone has ever done before,” he was quoted as saying on the team’s official Web site. “Have I ever had a reason for why I do what I do? I’m having fun.”

Fun? Definitely. At the NFL’s expense? Most definitely.


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