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29 August 2008

Denver National Convention

Denver is finally on the proverbial map.

The Democratic National Convention has come to a close, and it seems to me that quite a few people cheated themselves out of such an incredible experience.

Having spoken to a many friends before the colossal event hit the city, several of them said they were going to do everything they could to avoid getting caught in the insanity, and I really believe that was the wrong mindset to have.


27 August 2008

A Letter From Ben Roethlisberger

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big ben

Hello, my name is Ben Roethlisberger, and I am entirely overrated.

Sure, I’ve won a Super Bowl, in only my second season, but really, I was merely a “game manager” at that point of my career. In truth, I benefited greatly from the play of my teammates that season, in addition to the injury to my positional superior Carson Palmer of the Bengals on the first play of our playoff game.

Yes, I have acquired several different awards over my short tenure in the NFL, including 2004 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year and a selection to my first Pro Bowl in 2007. However, I’m here to tell you that my best season to this date (2007), where I threw 32 touchdowns to 14 turnovers, was an anomaly.


25 August 2008

Fishing Tales and Face Kicks

Today, I was all primed up to write a nice, little article about a man catching a record-sized catfish in North Carolina with his granddaughter, by means of a toy fishing pole.

But then I saw a story from this past Saturday at the Olympics that I simply could not let fall through the cracks.


22 August 2008

Ricky Rushing to Rehab Rep

ricky williams

What’s the saying about fooling me once being your fault, and twice being mine?

I’m pretty that’s at least one of the platitudes that Dubya stumbled over, but apparently he’s not the only one.

Reports out of Miami Dolphins camp say that as of Monday, Aug. 18, 2008, Ricky Williams – yes, that Ricky Williams – has been named the No. 1 tailback on their 2009 depth chart. The team’s official Web site also confirms that Williams has displaced last year’s starter, former-Auburn standout Ronnie Brown.


20 August 2008

When Life Gives You Skip Bayless, Skip Bayless

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ESPNs Skip Bayless - the bane of my life.

ESPN's Skip Bayless - the blight of my life.

I love ESPN, but seriously, does anyone like this guy?

After some of the ignorant stuff Bayless has said, how does he still have a job?!

I’m all for someone playing the role of contrarian, even if it means acting as devil’s advocate in order to merely devise an argument, but our friend Skippy has taken it to a new level – or should I say, an unfortunate low.

Those of you lucky enough to not know who this man is, Skip Bayless is regrettably a permanent cast member on ESPN’s First Take (formerly Cold Pizza), a morning show on “The World Wide Leader in Sports.” He is featured in a debate segment where he and another guest personality discuss the Top-10 sports stories from the previous day, which is later re-aired in the afternoon as First and 10.

The point I’m trying to make is that Skip’s shtick has run its course and run dry – if this didn’t occur about a week into his services for ESPN.


18 August 2008

MLB: Replay Reviewed

The news of this past weekend is that Major League Baseball has finally decided to utilize instant replay to help get questionable home run calls correct.

In as plain a language as I can put it, how come it took so long?


15 August 2008

A Natural Rebirth

A Natural Rebirth

The Ampersand/The National Post

Let’s talk about The Natural—and I don’t mean the new pie that Pizza Hut keeps touting.

Sure, a lot has been made about this Josh Hamilton fella’ this season, but because he doesn’t play on either the East or Left Coast, he still doesn’t command nearly as much media attention as Jason Giambi’s mustache, or even Manny Ramirez’s dreadlocks. So what gives?


13 August 2008

Phelps Not the Only Medalist in Town

In recognition of the tremendous feats that American swimmer Michael Phelps is accomplishing over in Beijing as we speak – he’s now won five-of-five gold medals and set world records in each of these events – I’d like to show off a little of my very own bling.


12 August 2008

Aug. 12 – GO VOTE!!

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If the title of today’s post is not self-explanatory enough, then I don’t want you voting because you’d probably cast your ballot the wrong way.

Today – August 12 – is the Primary for both major political parties, as well as for Independents, in Colorado. Now go practice the right that our forefathers fought so hard for us to have.

I demand it!

Aside from this little reminder, I am taking the day off to go vote myself. That is all, thank you.

11 August 2008

“Iron Mike” Lacks Punch in Recent Press

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Michael Gerard Tyson, circa 1987, on the cover of Punch-Out!! - before the face tattoo.

I’ve been thinking lately, whatever happened to Mike Tyson? It seems that as of late, the sultan of insult has disappeared entirely.

Aside from telling the New York Post in June that he expects to be murdered someday because he has so many enemies, and being linked to putting a hit out on several gang members, also in June and in the NYC, Tyson has been relatively quiet.

But no new assault charges, no new claims of bankruptcy. And no talk of yet another washed-up heavyweight coming out of retirement in a desperate, last ditch money grab. Evander Holyfield, anyone?


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