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31 July 2008

Fantasy Fix, circa 2007

Here is the collection of my 17-week run as the fantasy lacrosse guru during the 2007 season for the Web site IL Indoor.


30 July 2008

Favre from Over

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I don’t know about you, but while I root for Brett Favre, this current saga needs to come to a close. Soon.

Problem is, it’s not going to be with the storybook ending in which we’re all hoping.


26 July 2008

And We’re Back…

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I feel like the New Kids on the Block.


9 July 2008

Vacation Fix

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Gone Fishin'

I am currently in Europe on vacation. I will do my best to keep giving you The Daily Fix, but no promises.

Stay tuned – I’m sure I’ll have plenty to discuss once I’m back!

8 July 2008

On My Way to Oblivion

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With the day I embark on my trip to Europe having arrived, it made me think about an article I put together after a trip to Columbus, Ohio last fall. I’m still not entirely sure what it was even about, but somehow it seems fitting as I set foot on European soil for the first time in my life.


7 July 2008

Naming Writes

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Hello, My Name is

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt…His name is my name too.


2 July 2008

Exercise the Franchise

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With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, Americans are starting to realize that it’s time to kick into political gear. Opportunistically riding on those coattails, it’s time for me to remind you to make sure you go out and vote, but not just for who will be our next president.


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