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30 June 2008

Rocktober: The Persona of Sport

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With the Rockies well out of the playoff chase for 2008 – and it’s only July – I figure what better way to put readers’ minds at ease than to relive last year’s unbelievable postseason run. Originally posted Oct. 4, 2007, please enjoy my ode to the Rockies incredible, and unprecedented, assault on the National League in route to the pennant.


27 June 2008 Articles

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The last three years, I have continued to write primarily about the Colorado lacrosse scene for

As of post date (June 27, 2008), I have written 16 stories for their Web site. Check ‘em out here.

25 June 2008

Fate vs. …Tiger Woods

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It seems that in the past two weeks, everyone and their caddy has put their two cents in on the greatness of Tiger Woods. Now it’s my turn.


21 June 2008

UWeekly Clips

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Hello again!

Included in today’s post are the links to the freelance work I did for OSU’s UWeekly while living in Columbus, Ohio.



20 June 2008

Welcome to…The Sports Fix

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welcome doormat

Good morning, afternoon, or evening – whenever you might be reading this.

At this point, I have to imagine that you are either a friend or at least a good acquaintance of mine to have found this here “blog,” as my clips have yet to precede themselves in my hopefully budding writing career. So first off, thank you for putting in the effort of finding me and my best attempt at continuing to produce as much work as possible, as well as compile as many of my previous writings, too.


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